food rating 5

Starters/ Appetisers

Meat/ Chicken Tikka £3.25
Tandoori Chicken £3.25
Sheek Kebab £3.25
Nargis Kebab £3.95
Tandoori King Prawn 4.50
King Prawn Butterfly £4.50
Meat/ Chicken Shashlik £3.95
Tandoori King Prawn Shashlik £4.95
Prawn Cocktail £3.95
Onion Bhaji £3.25
Prawn Cocktail £3.25
Vegetable Somosa £3.25
Meat/ Chicken Somosa £3.25
Chicken Chatt £3.25
Reshmi Kebab £3.95
Delight Mixed Kebab £3.95
Bangla Mustard Lamb Chops £4.25

Lamb chops seasoned with English mustard Served with fried onions and tamarind dip.

Meat Shashilik Cutlets £4.95

Marinated lamb chops cooked in clay oven. Skewered pepper tomatoes and cheese.

Tikka Fillet Pakora £3.50

Chicken strips coated in gram flour, deep fried & served sizzling.

Delight Pepper £3.95

Roasted Pepper, stuffed with Vegetables / Meat / Chicken (diners choice).

Chilli Murgi Wings £3.95

Marinated Chicken nibblets, cooked hot and spicy in clay oven.

Masalla Chot Pote (V) £3.25

Chick peas, cooked in tamarind sauce, and garnished with cheese.

Salmon Kah Tikka £4.95

Fresh salmon, delicately spiced, and roasted in the clay oven.

Keema Borah £3.95

Spicy minced meat, with onions and green chillies coated, in golden bread crumbs.

Bombay Jall Kebab £3.95

Minced meat & chicken blended with onion green chilli, coriander, cooked in a tandoor. Hot & spicy.

Begun Baja (V) £3.95

Grilled aubergine filled with an array of vegetable & mushroom, onion stuffing.

Kofta Darjiling £4.50

Spiced mince meatballs served with topping of Bengal masalla sauce.

Mass Fried Fish £4.95

Bangladeshi fried fish steaks cooked in olive oil, garlic tumeric & fried onion on top.

Aloo Chicken Shangirla £4.35

Tumeric potato pie stuffed with lightly spiced chicken filling.

Panir Tikkka Shashlick (V) £3.95
Chicken Shanak Roast £3.95

Turmeric roasted drum sticks topped with caramelised onions.

Jumbo Chicken Wings £4.25

Tandoori barbequed chicken wings.

Jhalalily Mussells £4.95

Finest mussels, cooked with garlic, onions, coriander In a sweet and sour sauce. (Recommended)

Bangla Phob £3.95

Home made pastry stuffed with chicken or meat, mouarella cheese, spring onions and green herbs.

Lasan Squid £3.95

(Recommended) Squid rings spiced with chopped green chillies, lemon, garlic & pan fried. Served on a bed of salad.

Adha Scallops £4.50

Pan fried scallops with a ginger herb dressing. served on a spinach, potato rosti.




Contemporary Cuisine

These dishes consists of exotic spice & unique herbs mixed with new ingredients to give a totally new taste. All served with a pilau rice.

Kashmiri Meat Cutlets £9.95

Marinated lamb chops cooked in clay oven. Blended together in a thick spicy onion, green pepper & fresh coriander sauce, with a hint of cardamom & cinnamon Exhilarating.

Tikka Tawa Fillets £9.95

Whole chicken breast, marinated in masalla sauce. Roasted in the tandoor, cooked & garnished with sweet corn, peppers &  onion sauce.

Podina Gust £8.85

Tender sliced marinated meat, cooked with fresh mint & yoghurt with a cocktail sauce. A very aromatic dish.

Delight Sizzler £11.95

Red shrimps and chicken tikka nibblets marinated in herbs and spices slowly coocked with onion, fresh green peppers, cardamom, mustard seed & red onions.

Tamarind King Prawn Rajshahi £11.95

Tiger king prawns enriched with spices brought together with a touch of tamarind and blended together with chicken mince marinade sauce, over roasted . Exquisite.

Mumbai Jalali £8.95

Cubes of succulent chicken, marinated in mild spiced herbs, cooked and cultured in yoghurt. With added red chillies, hot flavored for a mouth watering taste.

Rangila Shubzi (V) £7.95

Mixed vegetable, aubergine, potatoes, carrots as well as Bangladesh vegetables, blended with spinach and topped with Indian cottage cheese. (A must for vegetarians)

Chilli Beef Steak £12.95

Mustard and garlic seasoned rump steak, grilled, then cooked in a tantallising chilli and coriander, ginger onion sauce.

Bangla Duck £12.95

Pan fried marinated duck, cooked in olive oil, with tamarind sauce red onions meduim hot & well garnished.

Kofta Sikander £9.95

Spiced meat balls cooked in masalla sauce, onion green peppers, Garam masalla & seasoned meat chunks.

Murgi Jaguti £8.95

Fried spicy chicken cooked with 10 different Bangla spices to give a highly aromatic tast.

Bangla Lamb Chop Bhuna £9.95

Lightiy spicy grilled lamb chops cooked in the Chef's special sauce.

Sitara Gust Shank £12.95

Marinated lambshank cooked in a Bangladesh garlic & herb sauce.

Niramish Bemisal (V) £7.95

Cauliflower fiorets, okra, paneer cooked in a onion, capsisum sauce & sweet pumpkin.

Hash Jalfrai (Game Meat) £11.95

Brabecued duck breast cooked in a slightly hot garam masalla, onion & pepper corn gravy.

Shatkora Murgi £8.95

Lightly spiced strips cooked with sweet & sour Bangla citrus fruit.

Sweet Chilli Chicken £8.95

Marinated chicken strips in sweet chilli masalla sauce.



Tandoori Menu 

All tandoori dishes are with a salad & contemporary dilps

Chicken Tikka £7.95
Meat Tikka £8.95
PanirTlkka (V) £7.50
Hash Shashlick Tikka £10.95
Tandoori Chicken £7.95
Delight Tandoori Platter £11.95
Chicken Shashlik Bhuna £8.95

Cooked In the ciayoven, with peppers and tomatoes marinated chicken & added to a spicy masalla sauce, & served on a sizzling tawa.

Jinga Tandoori Prawns £11.95
Delight Peri Peri Chili Chicken £10.95

Marinated on the bone chicken seasoned with chilli mustard and Chef's special perl perl sauce.

Shobzi Platter (V) £9.95

An appetising array of our vegetable dishes, onion bhajee, somosa, satney chop & vegetable peppers served with a vegetable nan.







Cold Food Salad

New healthy option.

Prawn Cocktail £5.95
Chicken Salad £6.95
Prawn Salad £5.95
Tikka Caesar Salad £6.95

Tender chilled Chicken Tlkka, served on a bed of mixed Italian Salad, accompanied by a prawn cocktail sauce.

House Special Salad £4.95

Mix of salad, mixed fruit, dry crispy salad.



Creamy / Mild Delights

Chicken or Meat Tikka Masalla £8.95
Keshori Chicken £.8.95

Chicken Tlkka cooked with dried mixed fruit, cream almond & pistachio flakes.

Rajasthani Butter Chicken £8.95

Marinated chicken pieces cooked In low fat Indian butter & cream.

Delight Makhani £8.95

Cultured chicken pieces blended with fresh cream, coconut & sweet syrup.

Meat Badami Pasanda £8.95

Succulent meat pieces blended with almond & pistachio.

Mudhu Malai Tandoori Masalla £8.95

Tandoorl chicken in butter cream topped with coconut and almond pistachio sauce and dried dates.

Tandoori Chicken Bhuna Masalla £8.95

Tandoorl chicken pieces cooked in onions, tomatoes, peppers, with a hint of cream.

Jinga Masalla £11.95

Oven roasted Tiger King Prawns, cooked in a mild & creamy masalla sauce.

Salmon Tikka Masalla £11.95

Grilled salmon cooked in a masalla sauce.

Sil Sila Masalla £11.95

Chicken Tlkka, Meat Tlkka & King Prawn cooked in a masalla sauce.

Misti Rani Korma (V) £8.95

Array of Bengali vegetables cooked in a masalla sauce & coconut milk.

Masalla Malaya £8.95

Chicken cooked in a sweet masalla sauce containing pineapple, banana & mango.

Panir Tikka Masalla (V) £7.95



Chef's Recommendations

Murgi Eazam £8.95

Chicken Tikka cooked with minced meat, onions, green and other special herbs and spices. Highly flavoured. served medium! hot.

Jinga Cox Bazar £11.95

Jumbo King Prawns, marinated in masalla spices and herbs. Cooked In a green chilli sauce.

Nauratan Bhuna £10.95

Succulent Chicken / Meat TIkka Pieces. Cooked in Chef's own secret recipe. Also served with a cultured tandoori King Prawn.

Chicken Hasina £8.95

Cubed chicken pieces, blended with medium hot herbs and spices. Topped with spring onions & cherry tomatoes.

Achari Gust £8.95

Succulent Meat pieces cooked in medium hot with a touch of pickles to taste.

Murghi Bhuna Bengal Style £8.95

Tender chicken pieces cooked with onions, capsicum, green chilli and garlic. Served fiery & hot.

Jal Jul Chicken £8.95

Marinated Chicken cooked with green peppers, natural yoghurt, green chillies & coriander garnished with fried onions rings.

Sylheti Roast Bhuna £10.95

Lightly spiced on the bone chicken, deep fried and then cooked with caramelised onion sauce.

King Prawn Rajpoot £11.95

Pan fried king prawns cooked with onions, tomatoes and coriander. Medium Hot. Served on a sizzler.

Ranga Matti Naga £9.95

Marinated Chicken or Meat cooked with highly flavoured Sylheti chilli, onion & herbs, very flavoursome.

Shirmungoli Shatkora £9.95

A Bangladeshi citrus fruit cooked with spicy meat chunks in a onion gravy.

Chum Chum Sizzler £10.95

Marinated tikka chicken breast stuffed with a spinach & aloo sauce. Served on a sizzler.

Chittagong Korai £10.95

Chicken or meat cooked In a fiery coriander, green chilli, garlic & mustard sauce.

Garlic Chilli Daniya Murgi £9.95

Chicken strips fried with onions, garlic. Served In a coriander bhuna sauce. Hot & Spicy.

Murgi Grilled Aloo Mash £9.95

Grilled turmeric chicken slices served on a bed of mashed potato with a hint of turmeric and salad.

Goan Murgi Rangpur £9.95

Bread crumb coated chicken simmered in coconut milk a variety of spices hinted with crushed chillies and coriander.

Paneer Parcels (V) £8.95

Slightly spiced paneer sandwiched with stuffed turmeric mashed potato and tomatoes.

Annaz Baza (V) £7.95

Bangladeshi pumpkin cooked with spinach In a sweet & sour sauce, kidney beans & lentils.



Continental Dishes

Scampi & Chips £8.95
Sirloin Steak £11.95
Chicken Omelette £7.95
Cheese Omelette £7.95
Fried Chicken & Chips £7.95




Chicken I Meat I Prawn £7.95
Chicken Tikka I MeatTikka £8.95
Mixed Chicken & Meat Balti £8.95
Beef Balti £8.95
Keema Peas £6.95

Medium minced meat, with peas.

Chicken Saag £7.95

Medium hot chicken, with spinach.

Vegetable Bhujo (V) £6.95

Mixed vegetable, saag & paneer.

Chicken Mushrooms £7.95

Chicken & mushroom blended together in a medium sauce.

Chicken / Meat / Prawn Jalfrezi £7.95
Delight Magic £8.95

Leg of tandoori chicken / chicken / meat tikka blended with masalla sauce, creamy & mild.

Balti Nawabi £8.95

Prawn, chicken and meat mixed in hot fiery sauce.

Chicken Mochommon £7.95

Tender chicken blended with green beans in a medium sauce.

Tikka Chicken Garlic Chilli £7.95

Succulent chilli chicken cooked with fresh coriander, garlic to set the taste buds alight.

Bombay Chicken sag £7.95

Bombay potato cooked with spinach & chicken.

Deli Naga Balti £7.95

Chicken tikka cooked in a hot naga sauce with green chillies, potato & coriander.

Shamila Kufta Balti £7.95

Meatballs cooked in a tomato, garlic & coriander sauce.

Sylheti Vegetable (V) £6.95

Pumpkin, cauliflower & potato, spinach & chick pea.

Red Kidney Bean Murghi Balti £7.95

Spiced chicken cooked with red kidney beans in a rich balti sauce.

Delight Mixed Balti £9.95

Chicken tikka, meat tikka and king prawn blended with rich balti sauce.



National Classic Curries

Also Available as a Balti

Dhansak / Korma

Chicken £6.50

Meat £6.95

Beef £8.95

Prawn £6.50

Chicken Tikka £7.95

King Prawn £10.95



Biryani Specials

All Biryani's served with a vegetable curry sauce.

Vegetable Biryani (V) £7.95
Chicken or Meat Biriyani £8.95
Chicken Tikka or Meat Tikka Biryani £9.95
Delight Mix Biryani Chef's secret recipe £10.95
Tandoori King Prawn Biriyani £11.95
Hash Biriyani (Game Meat) (Duck) £10.95

Served with patia sweet & sour sauce.

Jaal Bhat £9.95

Chicken or meat cooked with vegetables in a very hot Biryani. (Chef's special, not for the faint hearted).

Raj Akni Biryani £12.95

Chicken nibblets, lamb chops and tandoori king prawn cultured with basmati rice. Served with a Dhansak Aloo curry sauce.



Childrens Menu

We known the little BD is the future of our business, so it's important to feed and treat them well.

Chicken Nuggets & Chips £5.95
Chicken Tikka & Chips £5.95
Chicken Pakora & Chips £5.95
Fried Chicken & Chips £5.95
Chicken Tikka Roll Served with salad & sauce £6.95
Meat Tikka Roll Served with salad & sauce £6.95
Tandoori Chicken Tikka Roll £6.95
Served with salad & sauce
Chicken Tikka Masala & Pilau Rice £5.95
Mild Chicken Curry & Pilau Rice £5.95
Mild Sobzi Curry & 5teamed Rice £5.95



Vegetable Side Dishes

Bombay Aloo £3.50
Mushroom Bhaji £3.50
Cauliflower Bhaji £3.50
Brinjal Bhaji £3.50
Bindi Bhaji £3.50
Saag Bhaji £3.50
Saag Aloo £3.50
Tarka Dall £3.50
Aloo Gobi £3.50
Saag I Motor Panir £3.50
Chana Aloo £3.50



Bread & Roti

Naan £1.95
Peshwari Naan £2.95
Keema Naan £2.95
Garlic Naan £2.95
Cheese & Garlic Naan £2.95
Tikka Naan £2.95
Rogani Naan £2.95
Mint Coriander Naan £2.95
Red Onion Coriander Naan £2.95
Chili Coriander Naan £2.95
Chapatti £1.50
Puri £1.50
Parata £1.95
Palak Parata £2.95
Aloo Parata £2.95
Tandoori Roti £1.95
Popadoms £0.70
Spice Poppadom £0.80
Chips £2.20
Chilli Chips £2.50
Roasted Poppadom £1.20




Boiled Rice £2.25
Pilau Rice £2.50
Fried Rice £2.75
Egg Fried Rice £2.95
Mushroom Fired Rice £2.95
Special Fried Rice £3.95
Veg Pilau Rice £3.95
Peas Pilau Rice £3.95
Peshwari Pilau Rice (fruit) £3.95
Coriander & Onion Fried Rice £3.95
Garlic Fried Rice £3.95
Chicken Fried Rice £3.95
Keema Fried Rice £3.95